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Up-cycling is about finding value and potential where it is not always obvious.

Up-cycling is an exciting movement that is growing quickly in popularity throughout Europe and around the world. Up-cycling is the process of repurposing discarded, unwanted or disposable objects into fresh, unique, handmade and artistic objects. It challenges consumer culture, impacting positively on environmental sustainability by the repurposing of objects and discouraging wastefulness. Up-cycling requires people to look around and see how we can make new things out of old from a creative-critical perspective. ART-Cycling project aims to build a community of mixed-ability art cyclers of decorative arts, formed by artists coming from different backgrounds and with different social situations, with and without disabilities, but sharing the critical vision of upcycling and reducing environmental impact of art production. For further information, visit the blog written by members of the ArtCycling program at Retextil foundation: ArtCycling Blog or the main website of the program in English:

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Intras Foundation – Spain
Cultura 21 Nordic - Denmark



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